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Established in 1937, Bennett Safetywear Ltd (BSL) has evolved from its humble beginnings as a small scale leather merchant and is recognised today as a European market leader in the manufacture of safety gloves and specialised protective clothing for industrial, police, military and fire-fighting applications.

The company currently has 35 employees based at its manufacturing site in Merseyside, which is assessed to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. BSL has developed an excellent reputation for providing cost-effective solutions, delivering high quality products and its commitment to continuous innovation. It is through operating the company on these three core principles that BSL has been able to stay ahead of the competition.

BSL pioneered the introduction of knitted cut-resistant gloves over 30 years ago. Since then an extensive range of protective gloves has been developed, including trusted brands such as Polysafe®, Protex®, Fabritex® and Hytex®. More recently BSL has moulded a star with its Needlestop® puncture-resistant gloves and clothing, whilst simultaneously paving the way for the PPE industry’s fight against bacteria with the groundbreaking Dermos® range.

BSL also manufactures market defining protective clothing, featuring both heat-resistant and cut-resistant ranges (comprising trousers, jumpers, aprons, wrist guards, sleeves and jackets). There is even a range of items offering varying degrees of ballistic protection.

As a manufacturer, BSL has the ability and the expertise to work together with its customers to develop solutions to meet their own specific requirements.

In all PPE there is a trade-off between comfort and safety. White BSL is constantly researching and developing ways to lessen this trade-off, it is essential that you are fully informed in order to be sure that you have the correct protection for the job. It is for this reason that we have technical experts spread across the country willing to answer your questions, offer advice and provide solutions. For more information, or to talk to one of our technical experts, please contact us at our Head Office.

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