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With 80 years’ experience in the manufacture of high performance personal protective equipment and our own UK factory with access to a wide range of skills, materials and manufacturing capabilities (including both knitting and traditional cut and sew), as well as long-standing European and Near East manufacturing partners, Bennett Safetywear can provide you with bespoke solutions for your PPE problems.

We specialise in gloves, aprons and clothing to protect against the threats of heat, cut, puncture, abrasion and ballistic fragments, and can manufacture items that suit your individual needs.

In addition to providing personal safety solutions, our Ballistic Protection Systems division which has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of ballistic and anti-stab body armour and related protective equipment, can work with you to solve your specific property protection and site safety needs.

 Recent commisions in this area include :

* the design of ballistic covers to protect against catastrophic turbine failure at a multinational oil refinery
* the design of portable ballistic protection for use on naval craft






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