Your Safety in Our Hands

Over 85 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of high performance personal protective equipment across all industries and for the emergency services worldwide.


We supply a comprehensive range of specialised PPE for general duty, firearms, public order and rapid intervention/MOE duties, and the prison and immigration services.


We are a long-standing supplier to the UK and overseas armed forces of combat, CBRN, fast roping/rappelling, aircrew, general purpose handling, naval firefighting and anti-flash gloves and hoods, together with other items of protective wear.


We manufacture and supply a full range of EN659 certified structural firefighting gloves together with technical rescue, roping and debris removal gloves.


An unrivalled range of heat, cut, and puncture-resistant gloves, aprons, specialised clothing and head protection for both glass manufacturing and downstream processing supplied to both multi-national and independents alike across the world.


We manufacture and supply high-performance gloves and other specialised PPE to suit all types of industrial and manufacturing environments including motor industry, furnace maintenance, fabrication/welding, laboratories, aerospace, rubber and plastics.


25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of conductive suits and associated items used by linesmen for live line working, designed initially for use in the UK and now in use on 5 continents.